Our organization was born more than 12 years ago. It began with a few Portuguese and Puerto Ricans willing to partner together to improve our Island and our society. Today Heritage Hall is a tax exempt nonprofit organization working for the whole community.

We invite you to rent our amazing hall, and incredible certified kitchen for your special events.

Call (808) 243-0065 for reservations.

May 31, 2020

The meeting facilities at Heritage Hall remain closed.   As soon as Mayor Victorino allows groups of 30 people to meet --- using masks and practicing social distancing --- Heritage Hall will resume accepting reservations.    We expect the Mayor to act any day now. 


Given social distancing restrictions, Heritage Hall will not be able to accept reservations for more than 30 people in the hall and 10 people in Suites 101 and 102.   Revised reservation forms that address COVID-19 issues will need to be signed by all users --- first time as well as our long time users.  These spell out procedures that include temperature-taking before entering the meeting rooms, and sanitizing table surfaces, chair backs, door knobs, etc., before beginning activities.   Heritage Hall will provide the thermometers, wipes and/or sprays. 


Heritage Hall was intended to be a gathering place.  It is far too quiet now.  We miss everybody and look forward to welcoming our users back.

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Heritage Hall is a partnership between the Maui Puerto Rican Association, and the Portuguese Association of Maui. It was created to develop and operate two side-by-side cultural resource centers.  Both Associations share cultural preservation as their main objective. All contributions to Heritage Hall, the Maui Puerto Rican Association and the Portuguese Association of Maui are fully tax-deductible. 

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