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The Maui Puerto Rican Association (founded 1980)


 The objectives of the Association are:         

  • ​Perpetuate Puerto Rican culture and  history  in the  State of Hawaii.

  • Foster  good  will  and   social  relationships  among  members.          

  • Actively involved in the civic and social welfare of the community, particularly the Puerto Rican segment.

  • Encourage Puerto Rican youth to attend institutions of higher learning and to assist them as far as practical.


Membership in the Maui Puerto Rican Association is open to all interested adults 18 years and older who live on Maui, regardless of ethnicity.  Associate membership is available to persons living off island.

  • 10-59 year-old:  $10.00 Initiation fee and $25 per year membership fee.

  • 60+ year-old: $5.00 initiation fee and $6.00 per year membership.   

Meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month at 2:00 P.M. at Heritage Hall, 401 Baldwin Avenue, Paia.

Call Maui Puerto Rican Association at (808) 633-4474  or Heritage Hall (808) 243-0065 for more information.
Visit the website:


Major activities:


  • Operating the Maui Puerto Rican booth during the annual Maui Fair featuring a typical Puerto Rican plate lunch consisting of pastel, gandule rice and bacalao salad. 


  • Awarding scholarships to students of Puerto Rican descent to assist them in furthering their education.

  • Would you like to apply for the MPRA 2024 Scholarship? Please visit its website.


  • Presenting at least two public dances per year with bands coming from Neighbor Islands to play traditional jibaro music and modern day salsa.


  • Staffing Maui’s  Puerto Rican Cultural Resource Center at Heritage Hall with its exhibits, artifacts and musical instruments.  The center’s exhibits tell the stories of Puerto Ricans who emigrated to Hawaii, starting in 1900.   The Puerto Rican Cultural Resource Center is open 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Mondays through Fridays and on selected holidays.


  • Participating in the Heritage Hall Chorale which sings in both Spanish and Portuguese.  Persons interested in group singing are invited to call (808) 243-0065 for information on the Heritage Hall Chorale,

The Puerto Rican Cultural Resource Center captures the essence and flavor of the Caribbean Island, whose people began settling in Hawaii in December of 1900. We invite you to visit the center, and be impressed by the antique food safe circa 1910, musical instruments including a cuatro, guiro and maracas. View implements detailing life on Maui's plantations. There are souvenir buttons from various districts in Puerto Rico from where Hawaii's Puerto Ricans hail. Handle an old coffee grinder, heavy charcoal irons and much more. Also you can leaf through photo albums of the Maui Puerto Rican Association dating back to 1981. You will be amazed at what you find!


Encourage Puerto Rican youth to attend institutions of higher learning and to assist them as far as practical.

Encourage and assist promising students of Portuguese ancestry in furthering their education.

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